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App Name Driving School
Genre Racing
Size 924 MB
Latest Version 7.7.0
Required 5.0 +
Developer Ovidiu Pop
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Driving School Mod APK

Driving School Mod APK As we all know that Driving is an important task and nowadays as everyone wants to drive because it gives them some independence. Driving schools allow us to drive better as Driving is not comfortable. You need to spend a large about of money on driving courses, but now various games are available which you can play and improve your driving skills.


Driving School Mod APK 2021 latest version is a game that enjoys you to drive practically. The developers have added a lot of features to it, and you can enjoy your driving skills. It enables you to drive the car really easily with the help of your phone.

There are a lot of bonus features and benefits of Driving School, and if you want to improve your driving skills, you need to keep reading this article.

Download Driving School Mod APK

Driving School Mod APK can be downloaded from our site, and your Driving can be improved. For getting this amazing application on your devices, you can click on the link given here, and you are good to go.


The settings can be customized according to your choice. It is one of the latest test systems for sharpening your driving skills, and you can drive by using many vehicles.

It is really fabulous, and you have more than 15 locations to allow you to drive and enjoy improving your driving skills. There are a lot of highlights of this game which include:

  • Deserts
  • Mountains
  • urban areas
  • Highways
  • Roads
  • countryside and other


The game controls are really smooth, and you can easily learn to drive with simple tools. The learning is manual and provides you with easy and smooth controls.

There is a virtual wheel that you have to use to keep your car steady. It is really an interactive Driving game, and you can improve your driving skills in no time.



There are two modes in the game which are

  • Free Rider mod
  • Multiplayer mod


The gameplay is more than amazing as it has 80 levels and more than a hundred vehicles. There are a lot of machines which you have to get through, and you can play the game by enjoying some expensive luxurious vehicles. You can unlock all the features present in driving school Mod APK and get all the luxury cars for free.



This game provides you with a smooth interface, and there are a variety of things that you can control when you play this game. You can control

  • Pedals
  • Side mirror
  • Indicator
  • Rearview mirror

you need to tap on the icon and navigate the vehicle and improve your driving skills. The game is realistic, and you need to be careful to not crash with other cars on the game.


The graphics of this game are really accurate. Even the inside details of every car are so perfect that one gets amazed while playing this game. You need to refuel the vehicle when it gets short of gas. The design of the game is reasonable, and the engine sound and motor are amazing.

Tips to Play

  • Choosing the right vehicle

You need to choose the right kind of vehicle, as every different car has different handling. There is a manual transmission, and the game is automatic. It is on your own that which vehicle you use and which specifications you choose for that vehicle.


  • Interface

The interface of the game is full of pointers and symbols.

  • Attention to information

You need to pay attention to all the information on the loading screens. You can learn how to drive on a map and on a new challenging Road.

  • Avoid accidents

You need to avoid accidents whenever you are playing this game. The accidents are part of the games, but if you drive recklessly, it will increase the chances of you damaging the vehicle.

Features of Driving School Mod APK

  • More than 80 challenging levels of
  • more than 20 cars.
  • It is really simple, and you have an opportunity to earn unlimited money
  • more than a hundred vehicles are there
  • you can enable race Mod
  • There are licenses for cars, buses, and trucks
  • The car damages actually
  • There is a multiplayer mode, and you can play with your friends
  • The gas system is enabled which give you an opportunity to fill the gas
  • There is a manual transmission with the clutch
  • The steering button and touch screen wheel is present
  • There is an online leaderboard
  • Different achievements can be seen
  • You can play with your gamepad
  • The controls are smooth
  • The weather conditions are really amazing
  • The engine looks like real
  • you can use the vehicle of your choice and also upload your progress on the social media page of Driving School


  • Download the application
  • Give app permissions
  • Install the application
  • Run the application without and then with the internet
  • Sit back and play


  • There are diverse options to choose the car from
  • The audio system is realistic
  • The visual system is realistic
  • The graphics are detailed
  • The maps and car interior is detailed


  • There are so many icons
  • The narrow Road driving is too difficult and tricky



The driving school Mod APK has engaging gameplay. This game has more than a hundred levels and 15 maps that allow you to get directions. You can improve your driving skills and have your driving lessons right now if you improve your Driving by this game. They are different locations where you can drive your car like

  • Mountain
  • Highways
  • Countryside
  • Roads
  • Deserts

It will improve your chances of yours becoming a professional driver. If you want to improve your driving skills and get your license right away, you should download Driving School Mod APK's latest version in your devices right now and start driving.

If you have any questions regarding Driving School Mod APK, you can comment in the comment section below as we look forward to hearing from you.

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