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App Name Townsmen
Genre Strategy
Size 97 MB
Latest Version 1.14.5
Required 4.1 +
Developer HandyGames
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Update 1 day ago

Townsmen Premium Mod Apk: Build the city of your dreams and protect yourself from all dangers. Establish your knowledge of the metropolis with the fastest and most exciting treasures at home! Find out where to collect salt, stop harvesting, and rebuild and repair all the necessary buildings in the city. He will set up pillars, monuments, markets, statues, and other objects of interest to the people. Make your city beautiful by adding seeds and ornaments, building roads and alleys, and avoiding deadly diseases, accidents, and other things in the dark. Once you are settled in your city, you sell the items to the residents after you have collected money and started paying taxes on everything. Read on for something quick and follow the little city that directs the details of your Android device.



Install Games

  • This is a fun game. It starts with a permanent house that you build in your town. Then the locals come to raise money for each town in your town. You need to bless them, build a strong house, be a producer and a leader.
  • There are townhouses and mansions for the site. In addition, military and military operations were designed to allow users to train on behalf of the soldiers guarding their fields. While this game is a game choice, you can use other options if you wish.

Variety of Mods

  • The game has a variety of modes and a great season. You have a regular time, and hours during the day, as a real place. Find a time to harvest the seeds, but remember that their crops can be damaged.
  • Fire, tsunami, drought, and many more spectacular games play to increase the game. In addition to the negative consequences, the victims also took action.


Form and Function

  • When you become king and ruler of a great city, you have to run for office and hardship to maintain order and peace in your country. All the right people depend on you, so you have to look after your city and end this to become a bigger citizen than ever.

Appearance and support

  • The game supports all Android devices and Google games on the game. The gaming console is also included in the closed game This game is a game suitable for many and many years as well as real-world games as well as great graphics.

Helping recovery

  • This game is for all ages and helps with stress when you go to the city of your dreams and give yourself a little day, you will enjoy being calm and playful when you play. But sometimes they get stronger if they fight against those bad guys. In this way, it means that you move your fingers and play.



  • New plans and timelines were included in the new sections. Talking to others is a wonderful opportunity and brings comfort to the congregation.

Weaknesses and Fixes

  • Other minor changes are form and function changes.

Pros and cons

Helpful Games

This game is a fun game where you decide how to design your home. Let your people suffer, so that they may live after it. You are the king of the earth.

Free admission

This site offers access to the information and services that will be provided and available for renovation in your city.

The Limit

There are many levels where players are always working and playing.


With diseases, illnesses, and other things affecting your city, this game is ideal for young viewers.


How to download and install the application?

  • First, find the file at that location.
  • It is then allowed to enter from an unknown location.
  • If you do not have this permission, please go to your security options and find their share.
  • After the button on the contract, the game will be played and the fun will be created with difficulty.


Do you want to build your own small house in the old Metropolis, or do you want to go to a farm to cultivate, plant, and decorate with flowers? Do you want to decorate with lots of symbols, images, or decorations and watch your people pass by and follow their daily routine? If you want to do it all for free and don't want to think for free after the game, try this brand and try it and have fun!

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