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Blue Whale Game APK

Nowadays life has become so busy that we do not have access to take a break and look back to the previous days of our childhood which were without any worries or stress. We all want something when life gets dull. Life has become too boring and full of stress these days. Are you one who is tired of the burden you have on your shoulders for all your life you spending these days and want some harmony for your mind?

if you are the one you are in the correct place as I am going to tell you one of the relaxation therapy for your mind and Soul which will help you to make the drained and exhausted you to a person with a relaxing mind. You can immerse in the pool of the blue sea with more than whales all around in the application which I am going to tell you guys.

Blue whale APK what is the game I was talking about which you can play in the free time it will get you back to your childhood of yours which was full of enjoyment. It is a very popular game which you can play and you can save different kinds of beautiful mermaids from the attacking of brutal hungry wheels.

Do you want to get back to the life of your childhood stress-free days? Do you want to have some kind of harmony and relaxation for your mind? Well, you are at the correct site as I am going to tell you about a relaxing game called Blue whale. You can download this game to dive into the playing of saving the beautiful Mermaids from hungry whales.

The gameplay of Blue Whale APK

If you are interested to know about the gameplay, it is all about hungry wheels who want to kill innocent and beautiful mermaids undersea. All you have to do is save those beautiful mermaids and become the real sea animal hunter who will kill all the whales and save the innocent creatures called mermaids. You will have to attack them to save more mermaid else whales will tear them apart and will eat them as a whole. It is full of adventure, thrill, and excitement and you can enjoy a war underwater. All have to do is kill all the blue waves with your guns and you will save mermaids in this way.

Features of Blue Whale APK

  • Marine Setting

there is the proper Marine Setting and you are not the only creature and all the Deep Blue Ocean. There are different kinds of animals like fishes, mermaids, whales, and underwater plants as well. It gives you a complete experience of the marine settings.

  • Protect Yourself

While you save the life of the mermaid you should also protect yourself as it is such a risky game and the whale will eat you alive. So you should mind your survival.

  • Murder the Whales 

You know that it is a complete underwater experience and you need to swim in the Deep Blue Ocean to save the life of those innocent mermaids from hungry brutal whales. all you have to do is kill the Whales so that they do not get an opportunity to enjoy eating mermaids alive.

  • Shooting Experience

This game gives you one of the experiences to practice shooting underwater. you can use your shooting gadget to kill the brutal whales and it will also give you a chance to practice your shooting

  • Levels

There are different levels of this game some levels are very hard and challenging while some are easy. You can shuffle level to any level you want to according to your choice. As you progress in the game you will need to kill a huge amount of whales and they will become difficult.

  • Controls

There are different controls in the game which are very simple and straightforward. You will have to simply perform a few simple movements and you are good to use this app

  • Challenges, Achievements, and Rewards

You can also get a large number of rewards and bonus points as you advance in the game. you can also play the offline game while when you play the online game you receive money changers awards and exciting achievements.

  • Graphics 

The graphics of this game are really simple and you can dive into the experience of an Ocean to start enjoying the best experience. You can appreciate the graphics as they are totally 3D.

  • Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay is really exciting and you can enjoy this game where ever you are. it is such fun to play the game for adults and children equally.

Download and Install Blue Whale APK on Your Android Phone

you should keep this thing in your mind that do will APK is not available on Google Play Store and you can get it out from the internet. It means that you have to get it from a third-party source. Search at the Google search bar of your Android devices, open a trusted site, and download it from that site. Consider downloading it from our side as the link given is free of spam and bugs and viruses and get this amazing application which will be downloaded automatically once you click on it.

  • Installation Guide 

Step 1 –  download the file after searching get from Google search.

Step 2 –  enable the downloading from unknown sources.

Step 3 –  Open the app and allow permission to install this application.

Step 4 –  click on the installation option by allowing it.

Step 5 –  Start using the internet to run the application.

Step 6 – let the game load and open it to enjoy for free.


Summing my article I would say that a blue game provides you with a huge Blue Ocean to execute brutal whales with the shooting. You can enjoy the wonderful experience of your Android devices. it will give you a virtual experience of a genuine world which you can enjoy when you download it. If you are one kind of lover of shooting games this game will give you shooting experiences. Download blue whale APK to dive in the pool of immense pleasure.

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