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App Name Ludo King™ TV
Genre Casual
Size 15 MB
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Required 4.4 +
Developer Gametion
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Ludo King™ TV APK

Who does not like to play Ludo? at least all of us want to play Ludo as it is one of the best games available. initially, when we used to get bored, we used to play Ludo at home with our friends and family or neighborhood. It is one kind of interesting game that has facilitated people around the globe. All of us like to play Ludo as it is very simple and kills our boredom in no time. Different people have different hobbies when they are bored.

Ludo King

Some likes to play video games, some like to send songs other like to read novels, while few of the people like to play games. Playing cards are the oldest way to kill a Boring time and many people despite the age of love playing Ludo. It is an extremely mainstream game, in many countries Ludo is available as an application and they can play Ludo while being online or offline and this depends upon their choice.

It was initially not possible to play Ludo is on your phone but with the advancement of technology, the various apps have been installed and made which allows people to download the application on their smartphones, laptops, in personal computers and play Ludo while being offline or online depends upon their choice. It is available for Android phone users and the network has expanded excessively and has created millions of downloads. Ludo King APK is a prominent game and numerous developers have been thinking to make its Mod so that users can get more features without having to pay a single penny to the developer.

The initial Ludo game is available in Google Play Store is paid version and you have to pay some amount of money to the developers of this game to subscribe to this game but with the development of the Mod of Ludo king, the people can get those premium features and all that for free assembly downloading Ludo king with their devices.

Download Ludo King APK

Ludo King is one kind of a word that is an alternative for that old Ludo King board game of the particle. I am going to tell you all the details of Ludo King how you can play and what are the requirements which you have to fulfill Before downloading. If you are interested in downloading Ludo king, keep reading this article and click on the link given here which will lead you towards that application.

Ludo King 2

Version Info

A lot of people are there who do not know about the game and also its features and in this article, I have given all the details of this game the version info the name, version, type, developers, last update, and requirements are given here. The size is only 40 MB which carries less amount of space and it is one kind of a memory-friendly application and does not carry a huge amount of space in your devices.

Those having Android 4.1 and up can get in their devices but those who do not have the Android 4.1 + version should restrain themselves from downloading as it will not run smoothly on their devices. Read this information before you download it for checking the compatibility of your device with this game.

Ludo King 3

Ludo King Mod APK

Whenever you downloaded it to your devices and start to play it you will be taken back to the old days when you were scared and used to play this game with your family and friends. It is a simple game and involves 4 players in a single time who are given a token of a specific color.

Whoever Gets All the tokens of the color to end, first wins the game. You can also enable multiplayer Mod of Android and you can play with your loved ones and even strangers from the world. This game has a large number of hurdles to the board lines and you should be cautious while moving on the Ludo King Mod APK board.

Ludo King 4

Major Features

Many times people might know about the features of a particular game but did not know about the details of all those features. If you are one person who does not know about the details you are on the correct side as in this article I am going to tell you all the details of the features of the ludo king game so that you can get it on your devices very easily. The major features of Ludo King Mod APK are given below...

  • It requires quick thinking and strategy
  • It supports multiplayer playing format
  • There are various twist and turns inside a game which makes it a wonderful experience
  • It is one of the popular game and available in smartphone game mod
  • You can play with your friends family and also with strangers
  • You can use photo convert to get to the game and before your competitor
  • You can challenge you, friends, with a large number of stairs and Snakes on the board

App Permissions

  • There are a few permissions that you have to enable before playing this game which is given below. Read it before downloading the app.
  • Prevent the screen from dimming and processor from sleeping
  • you have to turn on your Wi-Fi connection and assess the network information
  • you should have an open network connection while playing this game
  • it requires permission is which are given above to install in new Android devices


Ludo king APK will bring you back to those days when you were simply a child. you can play this game and enjoy the old days of childhood. It will give you one of the best experiences of Ludo playing. You can also activate the offline mode and play it well you are short of the internet. Get this application on your devices today and enjoy the divide experience.

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