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App Name Paper.io 2
Genre Arcade
Size 41 MB
Latest Version 1.3.10
Required 4.4 +
Developer VOODOO
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Paper.io 2 Apk

The game is available for Android users and they can easily download The Amazing application on the devices to enjoy the divine experience it provides them. It offers the players as much area they cant expand and that by refraining the opponents to eat them up. It is one of the best games provided to the users and has amazing graphics and immensely divine liability.

If you are a user of an Android phone user then, this game is definitely for you and you can easily get this mod on your device and start enjoying the endless loops. You have to create some loops in it and finish off your foes.

Download Paper.io 2 APK

you can immerse in the pleasure this game provides you simply by creating some loops and cleaning your enemies.

Download paper IO 2 APK on your devices right now from the given at our side and start enjoying all that it provides to its users.

Paper Io 2


The gameplay is amazing and there are a lot of variations in the game. The most important task of people playing this game is to expand as much area on the board as possible. When the people begin the game, they will be given a little piece of land but they have to move in all four directions and navigate to enjoy this. only you have to touch your mobile screen and draw lines in various directions to make loops.

It has really amazing graphics and search bars and mechanics. The primary character is a square in the game and you have to simply make the lines with respective colors. It means that if your shape of the square is red you will leave red lines and similarly all the colors will leave their respective lines.

Paper Io 2_2

There will be different opponents in the game and you have to save yourself from eating them up. you need to move quickly in the game and do not Hop on the line of a different color . You can even win amazing bonus points in the game which will help you to win the game.

Gobble up your Enemies

You need to save yourself from getting eaten up by the Enemies and cover a large amount of the area for yourself as you can. it is a really simple game you need to conquer their land of your enemies and stop them from conquering your land.

All the game is full of force and only one secure place for you in the game is your own home unless your enemies conquer that place as well. It is a game that provides you with some easy-going skills and where you can kill your enemies until new enemies show up.

Paper Io 2_3

Conquering Enemy Territory

The game states that you have to conquer enemy territory. It provides you aboard from where you have to navigate in all four directions to improve the area of your land.

It doesn’t make a difference that if the place you are going to conquer is yours or belongs to some other player. You have to simply figure out that how you can win that area with an amazing mind and you can win this game very easily by expanding your area.

you can remove different portions of your regions and play the game. You will feel much hopeless during the game but if you play it wisely you will not lose your regions of land, surely.

Paper Io 2_4

Paper.io 2 MOD APK

The game is really attractive and has 3D graphics which make the game most appealing. You can even improve your skills and amazing features by winning bonus points. so dive into the game and enjoy the real fun.

Tips for Paper.io 2 APK

Cut The Line- you can’t cut the line and your opponents will leave behind you, in this way you can kill them.

Stay Within Your Area - do not move too distant from your area because you can be attacked by your opponents.

Occupy Small Territory - get a small area at a single time so that you are safe from attack by your enemies.

Features of Paper.io 2 APK

The Amazing Features of This Game Which are Given Below

  • Beautiful visual style to offer
  • The locations where the people play
  • The game is really eye-catching
  • Bonus points and other coins to avail
  • People can kill their time in the true form
  • The game is diverse
  • The quality of the game is really amazing
  • It lets you kill your boring time with fun
  • The musical and visual effect in the game is really amazing
  • There is simple management in the game and the complication of the game is not present
  • You require only Android 4.4 and higher to let this game work on your devices
  • It is really addictive game
  • It offers you in-app purchases
  • The theme of the game is really fun-filled and colorful
  • It is a multiplayer game and different players can get play the game at a single time


The game is really amazing and has a lot of color inside it. Different color has a name written with a different color of the player. The player which will have the largest Territory or area in the game will be at the top while other players will be left behind.

You can enjoy 3D characteristics in the game and strive hard to rank top in this game. Be sure that you should not cross the neutral zone too far and not leave your territory until you know that your foes will not attack you. Try to expand your area as much as you want to rank higher.

You can download it today to enjoy most of the features it has to offer to its users.

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