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App Name Granny
Genre Arcade
Size 99 MB
Latest Version 1.7.9
Required 4.4 +
Developer DVloper
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Update 21 hours ago

Granny Mod APK

Granny Mod APK is one of the horror games of India and it has an opposite vision of an image of a Granny who takes care of kids and looks after them and tells them evening stories. The majority of the part of this game is horror and you will love to play this game when you download it.

If you want to know more about granny Mod APK then continue reading this article till the end to search all about it.

What is Granny Mod APK About?

Granny is one of the horror films in India. It is really frightening and thrilling and also fun at the same time. This game is developed by some organizations from India and made this game even more horrible by adding a few more features to it. The developer series are all connected so you can play a huge of another one after another game.

It is more like the name suggests and you will find out about a crazy lady granny in the game. Download it and play the game on your devices to get to know more about the same.

The plot of Granny Mod APK

The plot of granny Mod APK is more intense and it is one of the horror survival games and has Seth interaction. Here a crazy elder woman is present in the game who cannot see anything but can hear every single Whisper. You are trapped in a home here and all your goal is that you have to get away from that house within 5 days.

You have to stay away from the granny as if she caught you inside the home you will be killed. You need to do this by hiding from the grannies and also searching for the keys and other operators to unlock the house.

If the granny hears you by mistake you will not have your chance and you will be founded dead the next morning. You need to run away from the granny to save yourself.

The gameplay of Granny Mod APK

The gameplay of the granny Mod APK is really amazing. It is so horrifying and intense and the game begins with you lying on a bed and a room. There is security for you and the storm starts in no time. You have only 5 days to stay away from the granny escape. The House if you could not find out the keys to unlock doors and run from there, Granny will find you on the 6th day, she will hear you and kill you fiercely.

The only way to escape the house is the main door and the other is the vehicle present in the seller. At the vehicle was of the previous people who live in that room and the Granny killed them even. You need to escape from the granny by hiding yourself from her and running as soon as possible away from that home.

The granny will search you all over the place and if you will create the slightest of noise, she will know that and she will kill you. You can also kill granny if you improve your skills and get enough gadgets to kill her.

Whenever you will kill the granny she will get alive again and will start to pursue you to kill you. It is one of the games which involves a variety of features like playhouses, drawers, tables, beds, tracks and also other instruments which can unlock the houses like these and vehicles so that you can run from that area.

Granny Mod APK Features to Know

  • There are intense graphics of the game.
  • The God mode is available in the game.
  • The gameplay is really amazing and there are high definition graphics.
  • There are different kinds of modes of the game like hard, medium, easy, and extremely hard and you can avail yourself of them as you require.
  • The quality of music is really amazing and you will feel that you are in the house in real life.
  • It is really ideal for people who love horror games.
  • There are different controls and this allows you to test your skills and improve the game as there are no lags in the game and the game runs smoothly.
  • There is an opportunity for you to kill the granny.
  • The game is really easy to play and there are challenging levels that you can play.
  • It is meant for players from all around the world.
  • The game is really easy to play.
  • No app purchases are required with the Mod version.
  • Another game over feature is added.
  • The Trap Glitch is fixed.
  • The free strap clutch is fixed.
  • Some new features added.

How to download Granny Mod APK on an Android Device?

  • First of the download from unknown sources option.
  • Download this file from a trusted site.
  • Once downloaded open it and install the game, you can easily enjoy the horrible and terrifying experience by playing the game.

How to Get God Mode?

If you want to enjoy other God Mods you have to enable this feature when you start playing the game.

This option is present on the setting section on the top right corner and when you play as god Mod feature, granny will not be able to see you but still will be able to hear you.

Last Thoughts

The game granny Mod APK is one of the best games which is full of fun. if you like that ceiling and terribly dangerous games, then you need to download granny Mod APK on your devices and start playing.

There is a God mode available in the game which will make you behave like a God in the game and granny will not be able to see you at all.

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