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App Name TunnelBear
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Size 10 MB
Latest Version 3.6.7
Required 5.0+
Developer TunnelBear, LLC
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A great app for protecting data and devices is Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk. Due to advances in technology, the risk of viruses and illicit activity is increasing daily. Protecting your mobile against malicious activities with a VPN is a great idea. Access content of your choice while browsing securely with TunnelBear VPN. Moreover, the service is available anywhere. There are no ads in this App, which makes it different from other similar apps. Several premium features are also free of charge.

Furthermore, An Internet user needs an application to protect his or her privacy for their own safety. VPN applications are available from reputable publishers to help users protect their privacy. Using the tool you use to download everything will allow you to find out quickly. If you use Android, you should consider TunnelBear VPN as a trustworthy VPN service. In addition, Its number of downloads can be checked in Google Play, with a donation of 10 million users if you are still unsure. Users can surf the Internet with confidence and the safest way possible using applications like TunnelBear VPN.


Moreover, you can download TunnelBear VPN Mod Apk to an Android or iOS device, a free app that you can install. A combination of security and speed is provided with this service. TunnelBear will ensure your activities are not watched by hackers, governments, ISPs, or other entities. TunnelBear's tunneling technology routes traffic through a private network for incredible speeds, so you can enjoy all content at lightning speed.

Overview of Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk

We've reviewed very few companies that offer free VPN services, but TunnelBear is one of them. Nevertheless, you can only upload 500MB per month with the free TunnelBear tier. Your monthly limit can be raised to 1.5GB by tweeting about the company. It is possible to do this again and again throughout the month. However, that still represents a lot of restrictions. It's exceptional that prepaid wireless plans come with 1.5GB of data. You are limited to 500MB a day with HotSpot Shield's free version, but not with ProtonVPN's free plan.

Furthermore, despite its size of only 16MB, this is a freely available app. This means that anyone can enjoy it without any restrictions. With this Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk application, you will not only be able to surf the web more easily, but it will also take up little space on your device. In addition, TunnelBear VPN helps you remove all traces in dangerous places, even if you connect to public wifi. You are not at risk of being tracked when using a public network. Hackers, ISPs, and bots may be stalking your network even when using it. "TunnelBear VPN" stops them all with ease.


By using the different encoders that they have, the application is able to encrypt all of your data. The bad guys have a hard time tracking your internet usage route as a result of this. An independent third party audits this application. There is also a monthly promotion for 500MB of browser data on some servers.

Besides, tunnelBear Pro APK is completely free and works invisibly. It makes browsing the Internet private and secure. You need to press one button, and it will turn on! No matter where you are connected to the Internet, TunnelBear lets you work and pay securely. Your favorite activities can continue wherever you are with App.

This Canadian company has provided VPN services since 2011. In 2016, they released an Android version of their App, which had originally been designed for iOS. As for TunnelBear's main goal, although with some limitations, we can't deny that it's providing a free service. Moreover, The free version of the App does not offer access to more servers or advanced features, like simultaneous connections. You must purchase a paid version to access these features.

In addition, the number of VPN apps on Google will never be enough. The primary concern for VPN apps is privacy and security. Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk offers privacy protection features with high security. Search any website from Google without any restrictions using a VPN. It is stored in website owners' cookies after many searches in Google. Furthermore, these enable the owner to see what you are searching for. You can bypass any searches and website details using the VPN application. Using a VPN service also hides your IP address. The VPN provider cannot see your details, and you have complete control over your Device.


With TunnelBear MOD APK, all users will be protected by 24-hour security. It was developed with the user's safety in mind. Unfortunately, internet hackers can install malware to gain access to the Device. Moreover, It is a common problem with browsers. When visiting untrusted websites, some objects can be clicked on. The unwanted application will be downloaded automatically. The malware is installed automatically as soon as you click the application link. Therefore, VPN usage should be secured.

Features of Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk

Easy to Use

TunnelBear's simple and clean user interface allows Android users to immediately connect to the protected network. The one-touch control button allows you to activate the service easily. Easily customize your in-app experience by accessing any other simple settings. You can also reach TunnelBear support 24/7 on all platforms if you have any questions regarding its services.

One Tap to Connect

Many countries can be connected to TunnelBear MOD APK with high-speed connections. VPN connections do not need any other instructions. Applications for connecting to multiple countries typically require root access. Connecting multiple countries never requires root access with this application. Canadian developers developed it. Canada is surrounded by many connections. They are making the new connection easier and faster. Click on the icon to connect to the place you need. The connection will be made automatically. You will be able to browse anonymously after the connection is established.


Web Protection

User browsing logs are not recorded by Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk. TunnelBear APK does not store information about web browser usage. From the application, you can set up a secure wifi connection. The connection is encrypted with AES-256. As a default option, this will be available. The application does not permit weaker encryption methods. A user can access WIFI via VPN using this application and get third-party protection.

Stable Vpn Servers

Your Internet speed will be dramatically slowed down if you use free VPN services. As a result of the TunnelBear Premium App, users can access the Internet at any time from anywhere through a fast and reliable connection. Users are able to access their favorite apps and games without being interrupted using private VPN servers around the world, encompassing 22+ countries. Streamline your Internet experience by accessing the unlocked Internet without throttling, buffering, or hassle on our well-engineered and optimized servers.

No Logging Policy

TunnelBear's security is completely your responsibility, so those of you interested in using it can be confident that their data is secure. Since TunnelBear will not store your data, you can absolutely trust it with your data. Tunnelbear, on the other hand, does not log anything and deletes all data automatically. Therefore, Android users can rely on this App to protect their data.

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Bugs Free
  • Free to Download
  • Latest Version
  • All Servers Unlocked

How to Download and Install Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk

With TunnelBear Pro Vpn, your privacy is protected, your data is encrypted, and your connection is secure. iOS users can download it from the Apple Store, while Android users can download it from Google Play. With TunnelBear, you can surf safely and securely every time, anywhere with an internet connection, with 5GB of bandwidth per month. Just follow the below steps carefully if you want to download this Vpn without any issue.

  1. First, you need to click on the Download Button given in this post to reach the Direct Downloading Page.
  2. On that page, you again get the Direct Download Link. Just press on that button, and within a few seconds, your Vpn starts downloading on your device.
  3. Once it completes, open the File Manager app and then go to the Download Folder.
  4. Now open the Apk File and give all the permission.
  5. After that, just tap on the install button.

Final Verdict

A simple, intuitive design makes Tunnelbear Vpn Mod Apk for Android easy to learn and use in just a few minutes. After completing the signup process, you can easily access your favorite websites with instant access by enabling the bear. An encrypted virtual tunnel is created between your computer and the Internet by TunnelBear, a Virtual Private Network service. You can surf anonymously from any location using this software.

TunnelBear servers can be accessed through this application. TunnelBear VPN is a free and extremely simple app to browse the Internet privately and securely. Browse the Internet privately and securely while unblocking your favorite websites and apps. Access Facebook, YouTube, and email from work or school bypass firewalls. After reading our article, I hope you are going to download this best Vpn easily from our website.

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