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App Name Tencent Gaming Buddy
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Tencent Gaming Buddy APK

Who does not want to play the different games of Android Smartphones on a personal computer? Definitely, all of us like to play games on a bigger screen as it is easy to perform various activities on the bigger screen.

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PUBG is one of the most famous games and it is liked by many people from all around the world. It has a large number of downloads up till now it is an incredible experience for people to play. Tencent gaming buddy allows PUBG on their personal computer as playing on a laptop is much more fun and we all know these various Android games are playable on the Android devices only but we often want to play them on a personal computer.

It is no more a problem as you can download any emulator called Tencent gaming APK which will help you to play your Android games on your personal computers.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy

You can easily download Tencent gaming buddy from the link given at our site. This link gives you an opportunity to download the emulator which will convert your Android games into personal computer games and you will be able to play your favorite game like pubg on a personal computer as well.

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What is an Emulator

Does the question arise that what is an emulator? Well, the emulator is one kind of software that helps you to run various games on alternate platforms like Windows, IOS, and Android phones.

They can run different applications and gaming on laptops. you can easily play different games you like instead of your smartphones on your Windows PC. One such emulator is called a Tencent Gaming Buddy and it will allow you to play your favorite game which is PUBG to play on your computer.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

This emulator has more than 350 million downloads from all around the world up till now. The users are constantly increasing as it helps you to allow one of the famous games called PUBG on personal computers. It is an adaptation of PUBG and it helps it to adapt to laptops as well.

one of the greatest reasons for such a download is that it is totally free to download and you don’t have to pay a single penny to the developer. The game is tremendous and you can get it easily on your computers. the designers have built it in such a way that the people can play the famous game pubg in their Windows PC.

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Features of Tencent Gaming Buddy

Android Emulator – the best Android Emulator which enables you to play player unknown Battleground game very easily on your personal computers in spite of Android devices.

2. Languages – it is available in Chinese and English so that you can play and enjoy both languages really easily.

3. Great usability – the usability of this game is really easy and you can enjoy a wide range of personal computer configurations.

4. Hardware Support – it allows you to play games by using Mouse, keyboard, and gamepad controls.

5. Free – one of the best parts of this emulator is that is totally free to download and you do not have to pay a single penny to the developers.

6. Ownership – it is created for all the Tencent games.

7. Online – people have full support for online gameplay, online Marketplace and voice chats, and other features.

8. Updates – it is a constantly updated and a highly stable emulator.

9. Easy and Simple to Use – it is really simple to use and straightforward. it has a quick installation process which makes it easy to use.

10. Customizations – it allows you to the plethora of configurations and different kinds of settings according to your choice and you can personalize the games.

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Pros and Cons of Tencent Gaming Buddy


  • The software is optimized for easy gameplay and a smooth experience
  • It is compatible with most of the controllers
  • The compatibility of the emulator is multi-platform


  • It has some lags
  • The app refresh rate is 30fps
  • It is not compatible with all the Android gaming applications


How to Play PUBG Game using Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator?


  • memory space
  • 3GB Ram
  • direct x version 9.0 c
  • Windows 7 and above storage
  • space at least 1 GB


the following procedure you have to follow to download it, once you have fulfilled all the requirements which are given above.

Step 1 – Download Tencent Gaming Buddy:

first of all download the Tencent gaming buddy from a trustworthy site. Make sure that you have sufficient memory and you have given all the necessary permissions for you to run this game.

Step 2 – Apply:

now apply for the application. This application automatically starts downloading when you start playing PUBG on your personal computers.

Step 3 – Play:

It is very easy to play and you do not need to have any registration for playing it. simply download and start enjoying.

Step 4 – Update:

the excited feature of this emulator isn’t it is constantly updated. It does not require any long running time to run and also you can easily launch the application when you install it once.

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Concluding my article I would say that the Tencent Buddy Gaming Emulator is on the best application developed for people who love playing PUBG. There are a lot of features in this application that cannot be even penned down. you can simply download and start playing your favorite action game on your laptops.

The good news that is totally free to download so download it today and start enjoying playing your favorite game on your laptops in spite of your Android Gadgets and start enjoying the action word on a bigger screen.

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What is Tencent Gaming Pal?

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