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App Name SD Maid
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Latest Version 5.4.3
Required 5.0 +
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Developer Darken
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After the success of SD Maid for Android, SD Maid Pro Unlocker has proven to be a useful app to keep your device clean and tidy. Do you need this type of application?

That's right!  We, the users of the phones, retrieve the files directly from the organization. If distributions happen without being in the blue, we don’t understand how that’s possible. Garbage and unused files are hidden in the corner.  We won’t have enough time to get there. Large, useless storage space slows down your phone. If you want a lightweight and fast mobile phone experience, you need this app.

SD Maid-Pro-unlocker-1

The Unlocker version keeps your previous version so it can provide speed and accurate detection. This opens up new possibilities with an easier-to-access interface for cleaning your internal mobile machine.

How exactly does it work? Let's take a look at their features and offers!

Features Of SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk

Overview Of Your Devices

The app can combine data and location sharing when you use your device. Shows how much is left in the container, how much is used and where the files are stored.

Looking at it, you can see how you touched your phone’s storage. Is it enough for more downloads or do you need time to clean it up?

Click on the dots and see the details of each folder yourself. This task can be done effortlessly with SD Maid Pro.

Application Management

Proceed, you can access the installed applications. These apps must be on your phone at the time of viewing. This feature will let you know how much space your app is taking up on your phone. Specifically, SD Maid Pro introduces you to the history of applications, associated information such as account, version, and source of downloads, etc.

Body Finder

There are applications that no longer exist, but leave files. Usually, these files are in the recycle bin, but the system does not delete them with the application.  SD Maid will fix it. Then you decide if you want to delete it or not.

SD Maid-Pro-unlocker-2

To do this properly, SD Maid Pro scans SD cards and internal storage.  The file submitted is welcome if you have any questions about the localization of the application tool.

Cleaning System

SD Maid Pro also detects folders that have been safely deleted. Of course, the app will ask for your permission. However, the feature always happens in safe places.

SD Maid-Pro-unlocker-3

You can submit safe files for regular deletion, which may be best.

It also detects duplicate folders when the device is scanned. So you can clean them at your own discretion.


For a better storage overview, SD Maid Pro provides a list of what takes up your space. This feature is location dependent so users can compare what and how.

SD Maid-Pro-unlocker-4


SD Maid Pro Unlocker MOD APK works great with its craft, proven by thousands of users. With this tool you can securely manage your device in terms of storage and applications. Making your operating system a healthy and organized environment makes value to your SD Maid Pro.

Shop on Google Play now and enjoy girl planning!

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