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App Name Nova Launcher
Genre Personalization
Size 7.9 MB
Latest Version 8.0.1
Required 4.4 +
Developer TeslaCoil Software
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Nova Launcher APK

Are you one who wants to give your home screen a different look and make it more efficient to use? Then this article is definitely for you as in this article we have given you a different type of Style which Nova Launcher APK application gives to the users.

It is really genuine and many people throughout the globe have admired its features, new arrangement, and Designs. It is available for Android phone users and they can customize their themes according to their choice.

Download Nova Launcher APK

If you are a person who likes to change the look of the phone every then and now, then you are under the correct site. Make your home screen more efficient and eye-catching by downloading Nova Launcher APK on your Android devices. Click on the link given at our site to download Nova Launcher APK on your Android devices.


How it works?

The interface and graphics of Nova Launcher APK are truly eye-catching. It is one of the simplest application to use and it has three-dimensional transitions which can enable you to slide your finger across the desktop. You are able to change the theme of your application and also all of the phones using Nova Launcher. it enables you to use different gestures which you can enable to make your gadget a new experience. You can make different ways to shake your Android phone and make use of various features. There is an option to modify different icons according to your choice.


You can make changes to the icons by your preferences if you like one type of a particular style on the phone you can easily enjoying it. You can set some kind of theme on your personal computer, laptop, and phones after downloading it to your gadgets. isn’t it amazing?

How to Use?

It is a really simple to use interface and you can alternate between whatever you need. There are numerous highlights in this application that you can change according to your choice and you can Discover attractive and entertaining effects as well as fixed light work.

When you slide your icon on the screen button, you can really enjoy this on your phone. you can even select the folder to change the basic icons with different images so that it can run very smoothly. There are the customization settings in this launcher and you can assess that as well.

If you want to go back to the old version, it is a really easy process as for this you need to uninstall install this application to go back to your previous launcher. if you want a backdrop with an entirely new address picture you can also activate that by changing it.



A Customized theme for icons:

there is a customize a theme for different icons available and you can get it on the Google Play Store. you can even customize the gadgets according to your will, even on personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

App Drawer is customized:

When you use this application there is a horizontal page effect another is a vertical page effect and you can scroll down to assess the features in it. It is totally free to customize and you have to scroll through various options to enable it.

Dark Mode/Night Theme:

We are always fond of enjoying the night theme for night periods. Many people are more into using dark themes as the bright light is so harmful to the eyes. Nova Launcher has enabled people to turn their theme into a dark theme so as to provide some comfort to the eyes from bright light.

Position Sub Grids:

It is totally up to people that how they have positioned their subgrades and they can make the home screen more efficient with all the icons available in the grade of the Nova Launcher.

Quick App:

It is really a good application that also has more than the best features and lets you use the application very smoothly without hanging or any other effect.

Restore Option:

The restore option in Android and you can restore all the data from this application.

Color Controls:

You can adjust the color according to your choice you can enable or disable background and different tabs for drawers.

Scrollable Docks:

There is the presence of a scrollable dock and you can create multiple docks and a single time and shift between docks of your choice



  • It is a really user-friendly application.
  • It helps you to get a cleaner and wider type of home screen.
  • There is a management of color and you can adjust the colors according to your choice to make your display even more effective and entertaining.
  • You can completely overhaul your screen as it is allowed by this application.
  • Overhaul of the screen is provided by other application as well but no one of your provide you with benefits and feature it provides you with.
  • Backup function in case you lose your data it will be saved in the backup if you enable the backup and restore option here.



  • Some features are available and in the premium version. Only the premium features are accessible only when you pay some amount of money to the application developers.
  • It is not compatible with old and boring Android versions.
  • Sometimes the site from where you have downloaded this application may contain malicious software. It may destroy your data and even you may lose your data so before you download it, download it from a trusted site.


Concluding you read my article, I would say that Nova Launcher APK is one kind of powerful launcher that helps you to customize your home screen according to your choice. You can enjoy different aspects of your screens and make folders and icons as well and take pictures of your choice on those full design icons. If you have made your mind to install this application, download it straight away to give your home screen a completely different look and all that with Nova Launcher.

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