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App Name My Boy Pro
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Latest Version 1.8.2
Required 4.4 +
Developer Fast Emulator
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My Boy Pro Apk

My boy pro-APK is one of the imitative which allows you to play all your favorite games on your smartphone under a fast running emulator. It has been developed for more than 10 years now and is one of the oldest portable gaming consoles in the globe right now. People crave to play their favorite games like Pokémon and Mario cards on their gadgets which were initially present on Xbox and PlayStation 4. There is another emulator which is Nintendo but it is not suitable for every device and you cannot play every game by using them later.

The best solution for all big gamers around the world is the emulator called My Boy Pro APK and allows you to play all the GTA games under the fast emulator which is my boy pro APK. It is very compatible with Android Gadgets and also has the best efficiency and speed for playing the games.

If you are the person who wants to play childhood games not on PlayStation but on Android phones like Pokémon and Mario card on your Android gadgets that you are on the correct side.

Read this article to get to know about all the features of my boy pro-APK and to get this amazing application on your smartphones.

Why My Boy Pro APK is a Perfect Emulator?

It is one of the best emulators which has playing capacity of different games and people can play this game very easily on Android gadgets. You can download this emulator on your Android smartphones. One of the best features it has in it is its amazing speed and the games are played easily on the phones without any lag.

There is a fabulous option for people that they can pause and play the game whenever they want and they can even save their progress and return to the game after doing the word the work. One of the best parts of this game is that you can play it when you are short of battery as it does not consume a lot of battery of the smartphone.

The phone does not heat and the game can be played easily and it is one of the best parts of this game. You can play different games and cheat codes like the game shark, codebreaker, and Action Replay. There are a variety of filters available you can apply while you use My Boy Pro APK Mod.

Once you download The Amazing APK on your device you will love and appreciate the different features was this emulator provides to gamers from all around the world.

Is this Emulator compatible with different games?

This amazing emulator is compatible with different games that were initially played on Xbox and PlayStation 4 only. As people want to play different games of childhood on their Android gadgets which are not now label. This emulator was developed for those people and it has eased their life They can enjoy their favorite games by downloading this app.

A variety of games which you can enjoy by using this emulator on your smartphones is Castlevania Super Mario game, Pokémon series, Grand Theft Auto, advance Batman Begins, Spider-Man FIFA, Mortal Kombat, Sims, and the City, and many more.


There is a tremendous option for adjusting the settings of my boy pro-APK and you can control the graphics, sound, controls, and other features of the game really easily. This game is really adjustable and has a user-friendly interface. It can be customized and people can adjust the privacy options of the screen very little very easily.

One of the best parts of this emulator is that you can avoid huge and long stories and cut them short. This cutting them a shot of movies can be done by fast forward option which otherwise the content will be so annoying and time-consuming.


Why would Gamers Love My Boy Pro?

The Gamers love to play old childhood games but now the Android version does not support the games like Super Mario and Pokémon. This emulator allows you to play your favorites childhood games on gadgets as being a gamer is not really easy.

You have to worry about a variety of things when your playing games which include a battery, graphics, and controls. The best part of this game is that the controls are released both and the game does not lag behind or hang. The graphics are really intense, amazing and even the minor details are so beautiful added that gamers enjoy the gaming experience on My Boy Pro APK.


You will never be disappointed after downloading this app as it does not drain all your battery. the graphics are turned amazingly and whenever you play the game on your Android smartphone you will never lag behind and the phone will not heat up. The battery consumption is so less that it will not drain your battery in a few minutes of playing games. Here are some attractive features of My Boy Pro APK emulator

  • On-screen keypad the immolation is fast
  • The battery is saved maximum
  • You can connect the immolation via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • The application is compatible with most of the games
  • There is a gyroscope for solar sensor
  • You can enter different cheat codes and enable or disable them while you are playing games
  • There is external controller support
  • You can integrate work best and latest Android theme structure
  • The application helps you to save the room to your device.
  • This application can be downloaded on your device is really easy so don’t stress about that.



My boy pro APK is one of the best emulator available after now for Android devices and let you play your favorite games on your smartphones. If you are looking forward to some amazing application that will help you to play all your favorite childhood games through a single application, download My Boy APK in your smartphones and start enjoying the amazing features this application provides to its users.

Download my boy pro apk emulator from this site today.

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