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App Name KingRoot
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Size 12 MB
Latest Version 5.4.0
Required 4.4 +
Developer KingRoot Studio
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Kingroot APK

Kingroot Apk is the one that provides the rooting service for Android phone users. Various applications in Android phones require a rooted version for running, and you can get that by downloading Kingroot APK on your smartphone. This application is just a touch away, and it can be downloaded from the link given on our site. A variety of devices can allow you to download this application. Still, the only prerequisite for downloading this application is that you have an Android phone system five or higher.

If other rooting tools are present in your device, the application won’t run, so you need to delete all the previous roots present in your device to let it run with ease. It is portable and easy to use in yours. With a single touch, you can protect your phone by providing some better security to the world.

Importance of Kingroot Apk

Kingroot APK is one of the best security tools which allows people to manage the app effectively. It protects phones from hi jackets and also gives you the best protection and support.

This enables you to easily download the software on your devices, and you can make them run efficiently in the devices when you root them. There is much easy software that can help to boost up the performance of your overall phone, and Kingroot Apk is one of them.


The procedure for downloading this application on your devices is really easy. You need Android 5 or 6 or higher if you utilize Android 8 or7 you can never run it on your Android devices. It is really reasonable for your smartphones, and you can root your device in a single hit.

For downloading this application to your devices, there are simple steps that need to follow. First of all, you need to download the Kingroot APK 2019 on your gadgets by searching that from the Google search bar. When you find out various links, you have to click on the link which you trust the most.

The only precautionary measure you have to take while searching is that you find out the best link available as a variety of links given are spam, and they dull the overall performance of your phone and threat to your data. After downloading, you need to give certain application permission, and for enabling that you need to go to the settings and then click on the privacy. From privacy, click on download from unknown sources and enable it.

When you enable this on your devices, you will be able to install the app. Click on the installation process by finding out the apk file from the downloading section of your phone. Once this application is installed, you need to click on the blue command button and wait for a few minutes after that, and you will get the app on your devices.

Here are important things to know before you root your device.

The guarantee of the phone will become null once you download it on your devices. The gadget can be set during the procedure as it may bring some viruses and bugs to your phone, and the application’s overall performance will become slow.

In case you do not want that your device is slow, you should first search root which works the best. When you search for the best rooting application for your device, you can download it for free on your devices.

Why should I root my android device?

The rooted device has a lot of benefits that simple devices do not have. It speeds up the phone and improves the overall experience of the users as it saves battery utilization. It can speed up the operating system function that can allow you to customize benefits. The backup system of your phone will get improved.

It will remove unwanted data from your phone. The applications will be uninstalled by default. The applications which are not frequently used by you will be uninstalled automatically.

Benefits of rooting with KingRoot

  • It speeds up the overall mobile performance.
  • It helps you to lessen the drainage of the battery and improves battery life.
  • It removes the unwanted applications which are not used by you on your devices.
  • If you have smartphones like Huawei, Samsung, and Oppo, then you should stop worrying about the process of rooting as the applications support it, but a variety of other phones like HTC do not support the rooting application, and you need to be careful before you root your device by using HTC.


There is just a single drawback of this application, and the rest of it has all the benefits only. The language supported is only Chinese and is not available in other languages. All you have to do is that you need to press the Blue button on your device, so the language does not matter as much.

The best thing about this APK is that it is one of the most renowned applications to root your device. It has a guarantee and is trusted by many users from around the world. It supports more than 1 lac model of smartphones, which include Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo phones, and supports a large number of the device.

The success percentage of this application is more than 95%. The damage brought to your phone is really not huge; however, some devices like HTC can be damaged by it, so they should read all the rooting processes and understand them before they download it.

Rooting the device brings forward a large number of benefits like it will decrease the damage to your phone, it will lessen the drainage of your battery, and improve the overall performance of your phone. Where it has advantages, on the other hand, it has a lot of demerits as well, the top of which is its language option.

If you are a person who wants to root your device, then you are at the correct site as Kingroot APK is one of the most used applications to root devices.

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