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App Name GBWhatsApp
Genre Communication
Size 67.9 MB
Latest Version 19.41.1
Required 4.4 +
Developer Atech ltd
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GBWhatsApp Apk

WhatsApp as the most uses social media application since it has been launched. We are living in 2022 now, while WhatsApp was developed many years back. Since its developed but it has been regularly updated and modified according to do features that users require. There are many highlights, and WhatsApp doesn't have those in it so that people do want any alternative application. This is fulfilled by WhatsApp is called GBWhatsApp APK and allows you to enjoy all the features which the official WhatsApp application does not let you enjoy it.


This GBWhatsApp APK application is a mod and is developed by some third-party users. It has all the features which the user's requirements in terms of chatting, video sharing, and stay the same dates. You can even control the security settings while you use this mode version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to perform plenty of functions, but when to talk about security settings, the GB WhatsApp provides you with the security options and messaging updates.


The GB WhatsApp even allow you to change the Outlook of all of the application that the official WhatsApp application does not provide you. GB WhatsApp fulfills all that the WhatsApp application lacks and runs in a simple manner without hanging your device.

GBWhatsApp APK: There are a variety of highlights and functionality in the GBWhatsApp application for people who are not happy with the latest update of WhatsApp. You do not need to worry as GB WhatsApp has been developed now and fulfills all your needs. You can enjoy it and perform your chores while you use it.

Who designed GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp was developed by some of the people who belong to the GB group, and they develop this mode version. The Google Play Store doesn't allow APK versions on their site to it is not accessible on Google Play Store; rather, you have to get it from some trusted site.

These modded versions are only available on-site and not available on Google Play Store, so you need to be very careful while you download it from a website as they do have links, but they are spam or full of bugs and viruses.

The only precautionary measure you have to take before you downloading GB WhatsApp is download from a website is that you need to pick a trustworthy site.

What makes it better than normal WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is better than normal WhatsApp as it has no limitations once you download it in your devices. You can even use those separated applications like GB WhatsApp, and it does not cause any intrusion with other WhatsApp applications. You can then easily use both the exact versions side by side.


The user interface is really amazing, and people can enjoy it on the phone without getting disappointed. Features are extraordinary when you download them, and you can enjoy all the significant changes by any means.

The customization option and advanced features are really accessible, which are not present on the official WhatsApp application. You can even change the whole of the Lookup according to your desires. The design of the GB WhatsApp is similar to the Official WhatsApp application, but you need to give some operations before you download this amazing piece of development on your devices.

When you download and store it on your phone, you can enjoy it and improve your chatting experience after setting up your details and explore the coolest features of WhatsApp ever.

Features of GB WhatsApp apk

  • You can send the videos to contacts up to 50 MB.
  • It allows you to send audio files to your contacts of 200 MB.
  • Official WhatsApp application allows you to send only 30 pictures at one time, but GB WhatsApp allows you to send mode the 90 pictures at a single time.
  • You can name the group according to your choice with any characters using it.
  • You can change the color code of the phone calls.
  • You can view different kinds of media files without even downloading time.
  • You can block out the calls from the phone contacts or everybody when you enable this option in GB WhatsApp.
  • When you contact the change profile picture, you get notified.
  • No rooted device required.
  • You can hide double text when you read the message sent by your contact.
  • You can easily zoom in profile pictures of your contacts.
  • Various themes and wallpapers available, which you can use to change the entire look of your WhatsApp.
  • The GB WhatsApp APK is an Anti-ban so that you don’t get blocked off the WhatsApp application.

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

The GB WhatsApp is totally safe to use. There are many misconceptions about the modded versions that they are not safe to install in your devices as they are some third-party developments. It does not violate the terms and privacy policy of the official WhatsApp application, and you can easily download it on the internet without any restrictions.

All the people who say that modded versions are not safe to use are lying actually because these modded versions are full of tremendous features that we as a user required in our day-to-day life. It also brings out the best chatting experience for people, and they can share data, documents, files on WhatsApp really easily. The chats are end-to-end encrypted, and they do not spoil your privacy.

The link for downloading GB WhatsApp latest version 2020 Android devices is given here and click on that link to download this amazing application on your gadgets.

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Final Verdict

If you want your chatting speed and experience to improve functionally, you should download GBWhatsApp on your devices. It’ll give you ideal features like customization of content and even function without a rooted device.

It also enables you to send a heavy file size of audio and video to your contact. It has a flexible user interface and smooth running and does not hang your devices.

GB WhatsApp a solution to all your problems that your face on an official WhatsApp application.

Download it on your devices and start enjoying the smooth running of this device application your device.

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