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With DroidVPN Mod Apk, you can bypass firewalls and browse anonymously across the web, unblock any blocked sites worldwide, and access all the blocked content. When you connect, all your traffic to and from the internet is encrypted by DroidVPN. DroidVPN makes everyone's IP and location invisible, so no one can guess your original location or IP address. Using this VPN can help you speed up your internet connection if it is slow. You will experience a significant increase in your internet speed once you add this VPN to your Android, IOs, or iPhone.


DroidVPN supported only the Android operating system when it was introduced. Currently, Windows and Mac users can also use the program. The Android app, of course, is still available. More than 10 million DroidVPN downloads have been recorded in the Google Play Store. Free and premium versions are available for this freemium product. VPNs with free versions should always be avoided. These VPNs usually come with "hidden costs." 78k people have reviewed DroidVPN. Let's see whether DroidVPN is worthy of its high praise in this review.

Also, the iOS version of DroidVPN is currently in development, so you can download and install it on Android and computer devices. There is limited bandwidth available with a free VPN, so you must keep that in mind. There is a very cheap full-service contract, as well. Although it is possible to access pages in any language, some languages are not supported by DroidVPN. If you are curious about this popular VPN, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

DroidVpn Mod Apk

Developed for circumventing various blocks and restrictions, DroidVpn Mod Apk is a simple VPN app that runs on Android devices. If you want to bypass geographic restrictions or Wi-Fi network restrictions, it will get the job done. It is not stuffed with features you would typically find in a VPN app, but it works. However, even though DroidVPN claims to offer fast speeds, we found your connection lagging considerably in our speed test due to the usual VPN tax. Standard speeds aren't exactly something to be proud of, so this can be viewed as an advantage.

DroidVPN provides good security features and a good price for its price. With any of their premium plans, you are also able to switch servers and locations at any time. You can save a little money on their VPN service if you're willing to lockdown for a year or more, as the prices on their VPN service vary depending on the commitment period.

Our knowledge of the company is limited. It is a Philippine registered website that has existed since 2011. Another website with limited information about the website was also located. Information about Droidvpn Inc seems limited, but the parent company appears to be Droidvpn Inc. Their government has questionable privacy laws in the Philippines. I wouldn't recommend using this service. The choice you make may depend on your goals.

DroidVPN does not log user activity. The privacy policy of the company reveals that it does store some data. It does so to facilitate troubleshooting and maintain the connections. Privacy regulations do not appear to be respected as rigorously by this company as they are by others. Its servers can be found on nearly all continents, so it offers good value for money. A speedy web browser is available, anonymous web browsing is possible, and firewalls can be navigated through. If you are not satisfied with their service, they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

You can enjoy social networking while using DroidVPN from your mobile device. Choosing DroidVPN should not cause any doubts if that is your intention. You can also benefit from its free 200MB of bandwidth every day. Even though there's not a lot of data when it comes to downloading and installing DroidVpn Mod Apk, you should have ample data when you plan to visit networks or watch Netflix. This VPN is ideal for all the things you want that are easy to use. It will not cause you any problems, provided you stick to popular and safe sites. The features of DroidVPN will be fully analyzed in the near future.

When it comes to free services, performance is always a priority. In order to connect to a server, you must first establish a connection. Both versions of the program produced the same error. We are attempting to connect to the free server results in an error message, as shown here. We were unable to connect to any of the 8 free UDP servers available. TCP worked, though. TCP takes a little longer, but it works. Using UDP, the first three servers are shown below. Our test showed a speed of around 20 MB once we were connected. It means our 100MB normal speed has dropped by 80%. Our free account does not have enough data to conduct all aspects of the speed test, so we cannot show it here. This is an example of the Windows version.


Features of DroidVpn Mod Apk

Easy to Use

It is without a doubt DroidVpn Mod Apk's greatest virtue. When users try this VPN on their phones, they usually show positive comments about its ease. A user-friendly interface, with few and well-explained options, comes along with either version of DroidVPN Premium, free or full. Furthermore, it's extremely intuitive and features a simple aesthetic design.

Fast Speed

In addition to its 29 servers located across nine different countries, DroidVpn Mod Apk offers a performance metric, which makes it a key factor to consider when choosing a VPN. With its flagship Android application, the company provided an impressive level of performance. PC VPN connectivity is also available from them, and speed was similar there as well. We experienced a significant drop-off in network performance, which is about 2 to 3 times slower than the average. There will be no good speed for free subscription plan users, which is expected.


Different Contacts

You will find varying prices and terms among the four types of contracts offered by DroidVPN. DroidVPN, which has a free contract offering 200Mb of bandwidth per day, is very popular. Unless you use social networks or Netflix, this pack is not recommended for anything else. Thereafter, you can choose between a monthly contract at $4.99 or a six-month contract at $3.99. This type of contract is suited for activities that require a large amount of data. The most common of the full contracts is the one-year contract, which has a monthly cost of $2.99. By comparing the monthly contract to the full one, you can save as much as 40%.


A 256-bit AES security certificate makes DroidVpn Mod Apk an extremely secure service. Here are two main aspects to consider. This is software used mostly for simple tasks, which is why it offers intrinsic security. Our website only carries the most secure VPNs on the market, so the fact that DroidVPN Unlimited is a secure service should not surprise you. Despite this, we consider DroidVPN more secure due to its simplicity and purpose. The opinions of other users can be found later, so you should confirm this.

Netflix and Torrenting

AndroidVPN is the perfect VPN for audiovisual services like Netflix. Since it is easy to use, this makes the most profitable part of the software to create sites with simple designs and functions. You can still use this VPN for torrent downloading even if it is not the best extension for torrents. It is always advisable to purchase the full version if you use the free version and do not enjoy the speed. Nonetheless, this VPN helps visualize one of the most popular Netflix streaming services. Watching one or two episodes per day will be permitted in free versions of your favorite series, whereas full versions will allow you to watch every episode.


Multiple Devices

Android and Windows computers are compatible with DroidVpn Mod Apk, but there is no iOS version. Many users use computers or phones with Android operating systems, so most of the feedback is positive. Watch Netflix and Amazon Prime for free while browsing the internet using AndroidVPN. This VPN's clients are mostly Android devices, according to analysts. If you wish to conceal your IP address when downloading and installing DroidVPN, you can also use it. This VPN service is available for both free and paid versions.

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Fast Speed
  • Tons of Servers
  • All Countries Unlocked
  • Pro Version

How to Download and Install DroidVpn Mod Apk

  1. First, you need to click on the Download Button to get the Direct Download Page.
  2. On that page, you will get the direct download links. Just click on it, and then within a few seconds, this Vpn starts downloading on your Phone.
  3. Once it is completed, open the File Manager app on your phone and then look for the Apk File.
  4. When you open, it asks you to give all the permission. Just allow it and then tap on the install button. That's it.

Final Verdict

When you think of a VPN, DroidVPN Mod Apk may come to mind immediately for both Android and iOS users. The Android-based VPN service DroidVPN has more than a million downloads to date. Meanwhile, Windows and iOS users might not be able to use it just yet. It has plenty of room to grow, even though it suffers from a few weak points, such as customer support and privacy.

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