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Who is not aware of PUBG these days? There is not a single person alive on earth who does not know about the PUBG Mobile APK game. It has more than 1 million downloads and has become one of the most popular games what is available on the mobile phone of every gamer.

Initially, it was developed for personal computer playing only, but now with advanced technology, it has launched a new version for Android Smartphones, and people can enjoy the game on their smartphones as well. If you are a die heart fan of PUBG, then this article is definitely for you.

Keep reading this article to know about the features of PUBG and the downloading guidelines for the Mod version.

Is it worth playing? Keep reading to find out!

PUBG is really worth the Hype as it has a straightforward concept, and the person has to survive in the game only. You need to remain in a circle and discover out the weapons. You will be going to an island with 99 other people and fight for survival. The one who fights the better will survive, and others will not. The traffic system and controls of the game are really amazing, and you will love playing like this application on your smartphone.



The playing of the game is really easy, and you can log in as a guest or as a Facebook user to play the game. You will feel that you are playing the game in real life. Initially, the character is not well dressed, but when you advance in the game, your character does dress up well.

PUBG Mobile APK Download | Latest Version 2022

You can download the latest version of the PUBG mobile application from the link given at our site. The downloading process is very easy. You just need to follow the downloading process give here to get this amazing application on your devices. Download it today to dive into the world of action games to survive.



The gameplay is really interesting and amazing. You are left on an island with 99 other people. One hundred players parachute on the island, and you are one of them.

The island is 8x 8 km, and you need to search for weapons, supplies, and equipment to survive. It is really an amazing strategic theme that provides you a wide zone of players. You need to do whatever you can so that you can be the only one surviving and the game.

What makes PUBG so exciting?

The application provides you with a virtual world, and adaptation is versatile. The game comes with a different story, and you can survive in the game only by fighting. This game is all about fighting, and there are more than a hundred gun fires.

It is more like a horror-action film where survival is dependent upon how well you fight. It will enhance the overall performance of yours as you advance in the game. The game is so addictive that you won't stop playing once you start to play the game.


The interface of the game is really simple and user-friendly. It has the opportunity for both right and left-handed players to enjoy at it gives you an opportunity for you to have other equipment in your hand like bomb and bandages.

You need to collect the items for your survival as you move forward in the game, which may include houses, cars, and weapons. Initially, the game is not an easy task to play, but you can advance in the game as you play the game. You can improve your skills and abilities by playing the game for a longer period of time.


Features of PUBG

  • Brilliant Graphics and HD Audio

The graphics and audio system of PUBG is really incredible and will give you are amazing impact. The graphics make the game even more addictive. The sound effects of the game are really splendid, and there are 3D audio effects. You can experience a rich deal of features while you play this game.

  • Realistic Ammunition

you can shoot your enemies so that you can survive.

  • Travel in Style

you need to travel in style to change your other adversaries.

  • Collaborate with Friends

There is an opportunity to collaborate with your friends and make the plan to kill the enemies after trapping them.

  • Rational Gaming Environment

The game has a given environment for people that are fair and provide a perfect environment for users to play.


  • Essentials

2GB RAM Android 5 or higher enough memory space for internet connection

  • Shortcomings of PUBG

The player's unknown Battleground is not perfect, as a variety of the games are available, but it is addictive, so people love to play this game.

  • Controls

The controls are smooth and versatile, and you can easily play it on your smartphone screens. The weapons can be changed, and you can also adjust the poster of your player and allow him to stand or bend down. It is difficult to spot the players who are your opponents from a distant site, so you need to get close to them to kill them. It automatically modifies the target which comes on your way.

  • Data and Battery

One single game of PUBG takes around 30 minutes to play, and you need to connect your phone to the internet all the time. The overall performance of the phone can be at stake because it impacts the battery and the battery gets drained really easily.

The game drains all your battery and the data issue of the battery can be resolved if you get the light version of this application which will not drain the battery as the original version. You can get this application from the link given on the website.


So click on the link and get this amazing application in your gadgets.

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