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App Name Hello Neighbor
Genre Action
Size 1.1 GB
Latest Version 1.0
Required 4.4 +
Developer tinyBuild
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Update 19 hours ago

Hello Neighbor APK

Tiny build made the application of Hello neighbor APK V. 10 this application is all about working Universe unrevealing the darkest secrets. The Hello neighbor APK comes and goes to our homes in real life this game is the same as that of real life. The Neighbours in this game come to your house and go and you have to and Reveal their darkest secrets as you desire. This game was initially available for Xbox and PC but now the version for Android and IOS one is also available and people are able to take these games on mobile phones.

These applications are present on Google Play Store and Apple gallery so both the Android phone users and Apple phone users can avail themselves the opportunity to play this game is in their mobile phones without having to buy Xbox or PC for them. It has more than 500 million downloads up till now and people are increasing in the number who are loving this application.

Hello Neigbour 1

if you are one of the people who are fond of playing games and you love the coming of your neighbors and revealing their secrets, you are at the correct place. The download link for hello neighbor APK is given at our site. Click on the downloading link available to download it on your devices. Reminding you again that the hello neighbor game is available for both Apple and Android phone users as it is available on both Google Play Store and Apple gallery so click on the given link to download it.

Hello Neigbour 2


Before we download any game we are always interested in the gameplay. The gameplay starts with the new neighbor, a new person you never knew, who comes to live nearby and he is suspicious to you. Keep on spying on him to find out what he is about to do and what does he do daily inside his home. You will keep an eye on that person as you will hear some noises at night and you find him stowing something in the cellar.

Hello Neigbour 3

What is the Game About?

Hello neighbor APK is very interesting and mysterious. It is more of a people who have a spy kind personality and who love to keep an eye on another person. There will be more and more hurdles at every stage of your life and you will have to pass the visitors as you play the game. The neighbor who is present at your next-door you have to continuously keep an eye on him to know what suspicious course he does and what kind of neighbor he is.

Hello Neigbour 4

  • You will have to climb through the backyard in the game and you should be well aware that you can be caught by the beard so stay cautious
  • you have to distract your neighbor as much as you can
  • you have to sneak from the front door and do not let the cameras catch you
  • you have to hide under a cabinet, bed or sofa to hide from the neighbor
  • solve all the puzzles with all it offers

Pro-tip for Hello Neighbor APK

there is one pro tip which I am going to tell you about the game which is that you should not repeat your tricks. whatever you did once should not be repeated as the neighbor is very cunning and smart and he will know what you did before and he will get conscious of getting caught so it is required that you should not repeat that.

Hello Neigbour 5


the graphics of the game are very interesting. It has such eye-catching graphics that one loves to play the game. It is none of that old boring mysterious application but it is very friendly and easy to play a game with every user wants to play. It has such an amazing user interface and great avatars of the neighbors which you can even change according to your will.

Hello Neigbour 6

Install Instructions for Hello Neighbor APK

Installing Hello neighbor APK is very easy as the steps are given below and you should follow at to download it inside your Android devices and Apple phones. Also, Apple phone users have to first go to the Apple store while Android users have to go to Google Play Store to get this application. first of all, go and download that application after you download open that application file inside the gallery, click on that file, and enable downloading. Once the download is complete, open it and you are free to play now. you can solve the mysterious puzzles the game offers after completing the downloading procedure.


There is no lag in the ultra graphic mode of this application. It has some fine graphics to which the user is locked to use and they are very fascinated with everything this application has provided them with.

Available for Free

If you are waiting for this application that how to download it, it is available for free for you to play some fun games. let me tell you that this application is totally free and you do not have to pay a single rupee to get this on your mobile phones. This is totally free of cost application.

Very Interesting Gameplay

This application provides you with one of the most interesting gameplay ever. You will fall in love with the application when you download it and install it inside your Android devices. The music keeps on playing in the background and the music has some of the horror effects and it affects the overall playing of your game and you love spying on your neighbor when you play this game.

Hello Neigbour 7


If you are interested in playing this game so what are you waiting for? Download this application in your devices to spy on your Neighbor Mod straight away. this application provides you with such an amazing experience that you start to love this application in the beginning. It has such horror music and also the video that the player’s heart skips a beat when it plays.

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