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App Name GTA San Andreas
Genre Action
Size 2.4 GB
Latest Version 2.10
Required 7.0 +
Developer Rockstar Games
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Update 21 hours ago

GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas APK: Who does not know about GTA? All of the first have played GTA Vice City once or twice in our life. Vice City game gives the makers set in Miamai and Florida. The GTA III was initially developed in 2001, and now it has reached various versions with every passing time, and people love to play this game in their free time.

GTA San Andreas APK

The Gamers experience to improve sounds and lights and the enhanced rock star note. If you want to play the game and you love the initial versions of GTA, then you will love this version. So download it today and start enjoying that this Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK.

It will take you to three cities from all around the country, and you have to fight and survive the game on tour to vendors.


What is GTA San Andrea APK?

As we all know that GTA was launched in 2001 top that was the first origin of the game, and from them, it has been recreated. The game is created by Rock star not and also distributed by Rock star game. For PlayStation for it was launched on October 2, 2004, and for Xbox and Microsoft Windows, it was developed later in 2005 on June 7.


In 2015 high-quality pre-mastered update of GTA was launched for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the seventh version in the Grand Theft Auto series, and it has been added in the game by the Boy Advance game.

It will give you one of the exciting experiences,s and you can download it on your devices and enjoy the taste of the original version of GTA inside your devices.


The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is full of explosive and wonderful experiences and also has made the game easy and real fun to play Stop.

San Andrea’s is the version which is the needs of the users what they expect from Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas is one of the first versions of Grand Theft Auto, and it has been a the top in the series of GTA, so stop people have loved the improved version of Grand Theft Auto.


The people can do whatever they want really in the vast world of San Andreas, and they can enjoy the wonderful right. The best part of the GTA, which makes it even more fun to play is the crops that follow you in the City.

Whenever they find you doing something awful or Breaking the rules, they start following you, and you need to run away from them so that you can save your life in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Game 7 is more improved on the first installment, and the graphics are mustard.

There is much more addition to the graphics like updated cars, advanced color, shadows, different color palettes, and remastered gameplay. It has become an even more addictive game than the previous points, and you can enjoy it while you play this game.



There are different characters in The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and they belong to different areas and regions with this game. The game enables you to add various different storylines in the games and the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto games. The main hero of the game is Carl Johnson (CJ) young man and is the protagonist of the game and is a young African American. It revolves around the street family gang fighting with Ballas and Lagos for territory and honor.

This game possesses gambling clubs and other areas of enjoyment. When you play the game, you will love the experience as it belongs to various urban areas and has an improved story.



The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas revolves around the West Coast province of San Andreas in 1992. The game starts in the CityCity of Los Santos. San Andreas is basically one Island that is isolated and contains three different urban communities.

There are a variety of luxurious Downtown areas in the game and is a blend of both souls and. San Andreas is a more complex game than the previous one. The game setting and plot are really impressive and gives your complete Complex overall look of the game. San Andreas is one of the big cities as compared to GTA Vice City, and the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is really different and tough as compared to Vice City.


There are a lot of struggles which the car is Johnson has to pass through, and he has to leave for all the activities of urban areas, and it makes that land even better. There is an incredible interpretation of Las Vegas, and that was ended with a large number of locations like deserts and clubs for gambling.

Action-adventure game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the action and Adventure full games which is a mixture of fun and thrill. It is one of the most interesting a game in the globe, and gamers love this game. The San Andreas APK mod is available for both Android devices and has all the features of the original game played on personal computers, and you can download the San Andreas Grand Theft Auto on your Android just right now and start enjoying the best game available on the planet right now.

Downloading Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is really easy, as you do not have to go through different hurdles to download it. You can simply download this version on your devices by getting it from a trustworthy service to stop unnecessary app permissions. Search the apk file from the download section of your gallery.


When you do the step, click on the installation option, to begin with, the process. Once this application is installed on your devices, you can easily play the game after running it on the Wi-Fi connection.

Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mod APK on your devices today and start playing the game full of thrill and fun.

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