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App Name Fortnite
Genre Action
Size 134 MB
Latest Version 22.10.0
Required 4.4 +
Developer Epic Games, Inc
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Update 21 hours ago

Fortnite APK

Are you fond of playing games? definitely, you must be as all of us like to play games. There are different games trending nowadays like PUBG, Call of Duty, GTA, and Ludo king but Fortnite Mobile Android APK game is one of the best games on the globe right now. It is really easy to play and has simple gameplay. it will give you a battlefield where you have to complete the mission. You will be given different heroes and you can choose the hero of your own choice. Epic Games has finally made a mode which is called a Fortnite mobile version.

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It has great support from this application and also from the game from around the world. Many people have downloaded this application on their devices already as it is really interesting to play. It is a free version but PUBG will demand some money you have to give to the developers so the fortnight mobile app version is even better than PUBG as it is free and you do not have to pay a single coin to the company.

Download Fortnite Mobile APK

If you like playing the game PUBG and asked about paying a large amount of money, you are at the correct site as I have given you all the details of the fortnight application. it has been brought forward by Epic games, the mega minds of the game have created a game similar to PUBG but a free version.

It has already more than 125 million downloads and people are loving whatever this game is providing them. If you are one kind of lover of PUBG what are you waiting for? Click on the link given at our site to download Fortnite.

Version Info

Information on the version is given here. You should give it a read for downloading it on your devices. Also, it is one kind of mod that is developed by a third party. By Mod we mean that some kind of version is developed by third-party users. You need to get a new device after downloading it but before you download, read out the version information to know best about this application.

Battle Royale Gameplay

It is a game which has a hundred players and you can also make a group of 2 to 4 players on a battlefield or you can play alone. it depends upon you that which body pic to play. You have to continue fighting until the end.

This game is one kind of battlefield and you have to kill your Rivals to hack the game. Anyways you have to avoid them from not be killed by them and kill them instead to be the last one to survive on the battlefield. in the initial stages, you will be empty-handed and you have to fight your enemies without any weapon but advancing this game you will be given different farms and weapons so that you can kill your enemies by them and survive the game.

If the other player is hidden in the battle, your safe area will start to shrink. Therefore, we have to fight our rivals and do not hide on the battlefield, otherwise, your hiding area will shrink also so you may lose your life if you do so.

Graphics and Sound

It has amazing gameplay and wonderful graphics and attracts them from all around the globe for winning the game. You have to take your cell phones and you know that you should be well configured. The sound of the game is really amazing and it amazes the person.

You can download it on your mobile phone and start enjoying the amazing experience it has in it for its users. you should defeat your enemy and win the game by telling them. you should not hide from them for a longer period of time as it will decrease the area of your hiding and you will kill yourself. Every step is crucial in this game and you have to follow and be cautious while you play it.

Survival Crafting Game

you have to survive in this game and Battlefield. you can kill your friends and get a different kind of resources and attack your enemies. survival chance is more and more when you play this game.

Features of Fortnite Mobile APK

  • You can boost your power and also came off the scoreboard
  • You can easily load your weapons
  • Beautiful graphics
  • The validity to upgrade and increase your powers
  • Different weapons available like Rifles, gun
  • You can upgrade the power of your weapons
  • Weapons are very easily reloaded
  • Different machines are given to complete against your friends and also make them attractive
  • Animals for your survival


  • Multiplayer game
  • Great controls
  • Light-hearted
  • Amazing graphics
  • Strategy based survival game
  • Help you be on YouTube
  • Create a fun dance that will let you move smoothly


  • Cohesion lacks
  • Special attire required long farming

Important Information and Details

  • It requires Android 4.0 or above
  • Everything is required on google play on Android phones
  • The size varies with the device
  • The Mod version has all the features
  • Different resources are unlocked


It is one of the games which has amazing gameplay and a lot of attractive features for round the games. it has different attractions for users and players and different buildings are a sight worth seeing. It may involve playing a single-player or you can play with your friend by enabling Multiplayer Mod. You have to win the game by surviving on the battlefield and killing your enemies.

do not remain in one place as it will decrease the area of your survival. Initially, you will not be given any method and you have to fight empty-handed but as the game advances you get bonus points and also some new weapons with will help you to advance in the game and gain your attire and some weapons like Rifles and guns to kill your enemies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is the Battle Pass?

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