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DraStic DS Emulator APK

Nintendo is the name that every kid of the back 90s is aware of. It was a device that was launched back in 2004 and people were able to play various games on it and they are called Nintendo games. We all miss playing our favorite Pokémon and Mario games but we do not have any gadgets we can play on.

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Well, there is a solution for all the people of the 90s that they can enjoy playing those favorite childhood games now with a Drastic DS emulator. This emulator is an application that is created by Megamind's and this will enable all the people to play the favorite games which are the Nintendo games that are not playable now. if you are a fan of Pokémon and Mario games, then you are on the correct side.

Keep reading this article till the end to best know about what Drastic DS emulator APK is all about.

Download DraStic DS Emulator APK

This application called Drastic DS emulator APK is available on Google Play Store and you can get that application for 5.99 Dollars. This is such a huge amount that not everyone can afford to pay and even the people who can afford the Do not waste their money on getting such applications. It is no more worry as the Drastic DS emulator has been launched and you can get it free from our site.

The link for getting a Drastic DS emulator is given. Click on the link given to enjoy all the features it has in it for Nintendo fans. There is more than 1 million community of Nintendo fans and you can also join that community by downloading the Drastic DS emulator from the link given.

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Play all Nintendo DS Games

Nintendo was a device that was developed back in 2004 and people were able to play various games. it has various features that not even the Nintendo devices now can complete but now Nintendo DS games are easily accessible in Drastic DS emulator. Every single game ever released on Nintendo can be played on your Android gadgets very smoothly and without any hanging of device issues. You can play various kinds of games like Pokémon, supervisor, animal crossing, Dragon Quest and all the Nintendo games are also available inside the app.

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DraStic DS Emulator Menu

The menu of the function details is given below...

  • You can disable the virtual keyboard
  • You can convert to screen horizontally
  • It allows you to save
  • It allows you to pause
  • It allows you to enable or disable sub screen
  • It allows you to load a saved file
  • Allows you an opportunity of fullscreen

Features of DraStic DS Emulator APK

1. Customizing two screens

The Nintendo gadget had two screens when you run the game two screens work in synchronization and have their functions and operations. In the Drastic DS emulator, you can customize 2 screens really easily on your smartphones. There are different display modes that you can choose and customize your preference according to your wish list. You can also set the screen in a horizontal or vertical direction and the orientation totally depends upon you. you can also plan one screen on top one screen on the bottom orientation.

2. Upgrades Graphics

The window games have poor resolution and graphics but most of the devices now have high resolutions. One of the best features of the DS emulator is that it increases the Nintendo games resolution which becomes compatible with the resolution of our smart screens in this era.

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3. Atomizing the controls

you can change the controls. the control is really smooth and there is no lag. There are navigation keys available which are A, B, X, and Y keys. There is one L and one R key on the top of the screen.

4. Save

you can save any game at a single time if you are playing with someone cause you do a certain work, you can save that game where you left and continue the game from that Again when you come back.

5. Backup

There is backup support available and you can backup all your games and cheat codes. You can upload them on Google drive at any time.

6. Cheat code support

Enable cheat codes and it helps you to complete the task of the game really easily. Cheats totally change the stress level and characters and unlock various other features for you.

7. Highly optimized

All the games are highly optimized to maximum capacity.

8. Battery saver

the battery saver option is present which you can enable when you are to play a game in a longer period of time and you will not face low battery issues.

9. File storage synchronization

you can restore the settings of your file add it to Google Drive and keep your game progress with you

10. Fast forward

Opportunity to speed up the game in fast-forward Mod. You can even skip the boarding conversations in the game.

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How to Download and Install DraStic DS Emulator APK?

  • STEP 1- Download the DraStic DS EMULATOR APK on your phone
  • STEP 2- Allow app permissions
  • STEP 3- start installation
  • Step 4- DraStic DS Emulator APK
  • Step 5- Update settings

Pros and Cone of DraStic DS Emulator APK


  • It can easily save your games
  • It can twist the games with thousands of sheets available
  • The size file is really small
  • You can save your battery
  • You can easily play the Nintendo games on your Android smartphones
  • The graphics of the games are improved
  • The emulator is impressive
  • It is designed all for Android phones


The Wi-Fi connection in the application is not supported

There is no availability of multiplayer mode and you cannot play with your friends.

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Concluding my article, I would say that it is one of the best applications for all the fans of Nintendo. the games Nintendo can easily be played in the Drastic DS emulator market right now.

The best feature about it is it is ad-free and you do not waste your time watching boring ads. You can download this application on your devices right now and starts enjoying your favorite childhood games.

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