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App Name Pocket Mortys
Genre Simulation
Size 81 MB
Latest Version 2.26.0
Required 5.0 +
Developer [adult swim] games
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Pocket Mortys APK

Pocket Mortys is one of the Pokémon-inspired games. There are two distinct characteristics in the game whose name is Morty and Rick. Rick and Morty one of the best shows on adult swim for kids and it has gained popularity for many years.

It is sarcastic and also fictional which makes kids enjoy the show very much. This has grown too much and in a short period and many people influenced by this game, started developing the games of it. The Pocket Mortys APK is one of the mind-blowing creativity which was developed by big pixel developers. The game is full of entertainment and real fun and you have to catch all the Mortys in the game. the best picture of the application is that it is available on Google Play Store and also Apple Play Store for free.

Rick And Morty-1

Download in the link for Pocket Mortys apk is available here. Click on the link to get it on your devices. If you are also inspired by Morty and Rick, you should give this game a try.


The gameplay is very amazing. It will bring you to those 90s days when you used to play Pokemon which was created by Nintendo DS. You can easily travel around the world and collect Mortys.

  • the main characteristics of the game are
  • Parents
  • a grandfather
  • a dull-looking Morty who is Rick’s grandson
  • a science genius Rick

Rick And Morty-2

You have a purpose in the game to save and it is that you need to bring all these Mortys together in the game and make them fight to prove the best.

It is more in the theme like Pokémon and it will give you a chance to select the best out of each Morty.

  • There are three types of Mortys which are
  • Rock
  • paper
  • scissor

Graphics and Sound

It has an amazing graphic and tremendous sound quality. It is more close to the show's original animations. There are various source materials and the fun environment of the game is never destroyed.

The effective list and lively impacts and the Classic tune version of audio and Rick and Morty show tunes are present in the game which gives a really pleasant effect to the ears.

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Features of Pocket Mortys APK

  • Modes

The mods are amazing. There is a multiplayer mode in the game as well which enables you to engage your friends in the game.

You can spend as much are you want to spend on this game is a single-player mode and also multiplayer mode. the multiplayer mode was developed back in 2017.

  • Multiple worlds

There are multiple worlds in the game and you can Discover them while you play this game. you can also fight Rivals from across the world in the game

  • Original characters

The characters in the game are real and you can enjoy their real characters and enjoy the fun-filled game experience side by side.

  • Quests and prizes

There are multiple questions and prizes and the game and you can enjoy it.

  • Autosave

Yes and autosave mod to discover your game progress

  • Multiple Mortys

There are multiple Mortys that count to more than 300. You can watch them grow when you play this game

Pocket Morty MOD APK

This game has a mod version and provides you with an opportunity to improve your performance in the game. It will boost all the main features and will allow you to look at various features. the powers are more improved and it is free without any extra charges.

Download the Mod today and start enjoying all those features. There is no ad you can enjoy unlimited games.

  • There are one-hit kill phenomena
  • you unlock all the levels
  • there is good Mod
  • you can add random Mortys
  • there is no app in purchase

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Download and Install Pocket Mortys APK on Android Devices

  • Requirements:
  • active Wi-Fi connection
  • battery fully charged
  • no root device required
  • Android 4 and higher
  • 1GB of free memory
  • 3GB Ram
  • Instructions to Download:

Step 1- download the pocket mortys APK on your phones

download the APK on your devices from a trusted site. Make sure that you have a particular space which is 1 GB of memory inside your phone available to download it.

Step 2- allow app permissions

all the necessary permissions which allow the download from unknown sources. this step will enable the installation process.

Step 3-start installation

Click on the installation option and the application will be installed on your phone.

Step 4- use pocket mortys APK

Step 5- update settings

you are easy to update the settings in your phone according to your choice.

Rick And Morty-5

Pros and Cons of Pocket Morty APK

  • Pros
  • you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows
  • there is plenty of content available that you can spend without any lag
  • multiple player mod is given in the game
  • lots of preferences
  • it is a Pokémon-inspired game
  • Cons
  • you could use more designs from the shows
  • it will show more humor in a dialogue form


Concluding the main article I would say that it is one of the top-running applications for all the fans of Rick and Morty. You can enjoy the content with your favorite character is also play the game.

The game is really exciting, the characters are cute and the graphics are of high quality. If you have made the mind to download that you should do it without wasting a single second and dive into the world of humor and sarcasm.

Get it today and start enjoying the Sarcasm filled experience.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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