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App Name LifeAfter
Genre Survival
Size 3.90 GB
Latest Version 1.0.213
Required 5.0 +
Developer NetEase Games
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Lifeafter Apk

Lifeafter Apk: The game day after tomorrow has been released as life after in English. It was a huge success in China initially. It is one of the most thrilling games, and it involves zombies in the game. It is one of the best games which has realistic illustrations and also it is considered to be a top-class application Among many applications available on the Play Store.

If you are a person who lives the game which involves the Zombie setting, then this game is definitely for you, and you can get it on your devices by simply clicking on the link given here.


Download Lifeafter Apk

you can download and play one of the tremendous applications in the English version, which is life after. If you want this application to download on your devices, then click on the link given on our side and get this amazing application on your devices right now. All you have to do in the game is to survive the attacks of blood-hungry zombies.

Survive after the Zombie Apocalypse

It is a game that involves various kinds of Zombies, and it is a virus that spread among a group of people and makes them Zombies. It is a destructive real-time process and the pandemic spreads which changes the world entirely. All the people are disease-stricken, and they are becoming more Zombies.


You will be one fortunate person who survives this pandemic you have to now better the Zombies and look for people who also survive this attack. You will be given some weapons which you can utilize to go to protect yourself and find other survivors and combat Zombies. Kill them so that you may survive. The zombies, when catching a person, make them the command you cannot survive the attack until you kill them.

Build your own character

The game States that you can build your own character very easily. You will have two companions with you, and you will be given a dog and an old truck. The Zombies will attack your truck and always assault you, and you will sometimes lose control over the vehicle, and they collide with various things on the way, and they even kill your companions brutally.


Lifeafter APK

In the game, you will be the only person along with your dog who will survive that, and then you will be accompanied by another person whose name is Alexey and he will control you completely. In this only world, the person who will be controlling you will let you save your life. The dog will be there for you who will accompany all the players from starting.


You will be given a dog which you can choose according to your choice because at each point, he will be all your single friend in the game and he will save you from the harsh attack of Zombies. There are various game controllers in the game and different buildings, materials, and stealing will be there for you people.

Fantastic Designs

The designs of the buildings are fantastic, and you can enjoy the world which is full of threats and dangers. The view in the game is really delightful, and you can enjoy all the dreamy worlds while you play the game. There is also an evening time which you can enjoy while you play the game.


Game Highlights

Different highlights of the game available below and they will guide you best about the game that why should you get this game on your devices.

  • There are different areas and locations on which you can Play
  • It may include mountains and different deserts and Barren lands as well
  • The illustrations of the game are excellent, and you will not find such amazing illustrations from any other game around the gaming world
  • There is proper grafting of objects and different construction materials
  • You can play with your friends while you get online on this game and you can complete different missions with your friends



There are various advantages of the game, few of the best advantages which this game has a given down below

  • The game has smooth controls. the controls are so and credible that you will love them.
  • The system requirements are very low and only Android 4 + is required for the running of this application
  • The graphics are really amazing and intense
  • The gameplay is 3D
  • There is non-repetitive and interesting gameplay of the game
  • The sounds are really soothing


While some games have advantages, on the other hand, they also have some disadvantages or shortcomings.

  • Many players in the game lack the abilities, and it is difficult to play the game.
  • You can lack the server, and people find it various difficulties while they log into the game.
  • Developers have sensed this need which is increasing among the players and they have started to increase and amount of service so as they can increase the number of players playing online games.



This game is not a new game, and the concept is really old. The life after APK is one of the amazing games still with some backward concept as it is the number one mobile phone game which involve Zombie and make you survive.

It is built such that it fulfills all the standards of personal computers and laptops. It will allow you to dive into the pool where different zombies will attack you, and you have to survive the attack. Download the life after APK Mod new devices right now and start enjoying the amazing experience. For downloading it, click on the link given on our site.

If you have something to ask, you can ask it in the comment section below.

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