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Cooking Fever MOD APK

Who doesn’t like cooking? Everyone Likes To Cook And Wants To enjoy cooking at their home or in restaurants. So for you, we have a cooking game which you can enjoy by cooking different dishes. You can also gain experience of cooking from the game and you can utilize it in your real life. For enjoying this download Cooking Fever MOD APK.

So, we have a game for you named Cooking Fever Mood APK. You can download it from the link given at our site.

Download Cooking Fever Mod APK

If you like cooking so keep reading this article till the end and make a chance to enjoy the cooking on your own. So you can download it easily without any restrictions.

Cooking Fever 1

Cooking Fever Game

Cooking Fever is a fantastic game by which you can experience and enjoy cooking different dishes without any type of limitations. You can also enjoy cooking by using different and useful utensils like in real life. Once you try it you will come to know about the fantasy of the game.

Cooking Fever Mod APK Game

For the addiction to the game, there are a lot of different things included like coins, gems, and a lot of money. This game gives you infinite cash and gems and it is the most likely game compared to real-life cooking. Moreover, in this game, u can also enjoy cooking with your companions by cooking delicious dishes as compared to your companion.

You can challenge your companion at any time to gain real-time cooking and you can also get to know how to cook faster and better. You can feel cooking in real life.

Cooking Fever 2

Cooking Fever Mod APK Gameplay

Before the game begins the gamer has an option to learn everything about the game and different modes of the game. Once the gamer came to know about the game then there would be a great chance for the gamer to enjoy everything about cooking. Justify yourself with the taste and different dishes by using more than 200 ingredients.

The more time you experience the game the more experience you can take and utilize it in real life.

  • Collect new recipes and keep them in your notes:

There are more than 500 recipes from which you can select your dish and you can add it in your notes. You can enjoy different ingredients by using them in different recipes and changing the taste by your own self.

  • Learn about different Cuisines:

You can unlock different kinds of cuisines and restaurants by

  • In your bakery, you can sell different kinds of sweets and donuts
  • You can enjoy eating pizza of your own taste.
  • You can have your tea at your favorite cafe.
  • Choose your favorite food and enjoy it at your favorite place.
  • Making different countries recipes and adding some extra ingredients.
  • Mixing some recipes to create a unique one.
  • Paradise Island Restaurants

Cooking Fever 3

Moreover, you have the chance to visit the beautiful islands. You can:

  • Keep tasting your own culture recipes.
  • You can also enjoy tasting different countries recipes and dishes by cooking.
  • You have a great option to drink your favorite drink at your dream cafe.
  • Alpine Mountain Restaurants.
  • You can enjoy cooking at your favorite hill station.
  • You can enjoy the different views of BBQs by visiting different hill stations.
  • There are the top mountains to visit and enjoy the Italian buffet.
  • There are different salad bars where you can experience different kinds of salads.
  • You have an option to enjoy the sweet at your dream sweet factory.

Features Of Cooking Fever Mod APK

If you want to be a cook you can experience the cooking fever addictive modes. By utilizing it you are able to get:

1. Limitless Machines

2. Unlimited gems

3. Advanced tools

4. You can get free appliances

5. There are 150 ingredients from which you can cook different recipes.

6. There are updates available by achieving them u can improve the utensils of your kitchen.

7. There are more than 50 places through which u can enjoy your cooking at different dream places.

Cooking Fever 4

Cooking Fever Mod APK Pros & Cons


  • It is very easy to use and apply.
  • There are limitless resources it.
  • There is no specific download needed for it.
  • It supports all kinds of devices moreover, a Pc can also be used.
  • It has an advanced option to be updated automatically.
  • Your device is safe from it. It doesn’t have any effective measures.


  • Due to load sometimes it becomes slow or may not work properly.
  • It needs an active internet connection that connects it to its advanced features of it.

Hacks and Cheats to get Gems

1. Change your Wan and shut down it for one or two days you will receive gems.

2. Play the same level to get more gems.

3. Must invest in the gems from which you can earn more.

4. Open the game on a daily basis to get more gems and different prizes.

Cooking Fever 5

Download Cooking Fever Mod APK in your Phone

Here are some steps by which you can easily download it without any hesitation.

STEP 1: Download the latest APK file of Cooking Fever Mode and uninstall the previous version if you have.

STEP 2: Make your device allow the applications and files from unknown sourcing by allowing your device to accept the files.

STEP 3: Install the application on your devices.

STEP 4: Run the application by connecting your internet.

STEP 5: You are now free to play the game.


Summing my article I would say that cooking fever mod APK is one of the best cooking games which will allow you to dive into the world where you would cook all the things you want.

Download the cooking fever mod APK in your gadgets today to enjoy the world of cooking.

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